How to Prepare Tereré (cold mate)

Called tereré, it’s the Paraguayan official drink – and since 2011, it is considered part of their cultural heritage. It is also commonly drunk in the north of Argentina and Southeast of Brazil. It is, indeed, a great option for summer days.

Taking Care of Your Yerba Mate Kit

Learn how to prepare your mate cup to be used for the first time, cleaning the mate, and bombilla. Finally, how to store your yerba mate.

Yerba Mate: How to Prepare it and Everything You Need to Start

Mate is a versatile drink and there many ways of preparing it, depending on the type of yerba mate and liquid you use. There is a huge variety of yerba: with or without stems, finely ground or roughly cut, flavored, sweetened, blended with other herbs. Mate can be drunk with water – hot or cold -, milk or even juice. However, the most popular and traditional way of preparing mate is plain, with hot water. Here’s how to prepare yerba mate.

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