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Large Brazilian Cuia Set

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Large Brazilian cuia set.

GOURD: A traditional cuia for Erva-mate / Chimarrão. This large Brazilian cuia set comes complete with a high-quality leather "Belt" design cuia holder, which will be the highlight of your mate circle! Base of the holder is 4" wide and stands 2.5" tall. Hand crafted large Brazilian Cuia without Foot. Lightweight, standing 6" tall with a 4" mouth. When sitting in the leather holder it stands 7" tall.

HOLDER: Natural leather "belt" design cuia holder Hand cut and stitched to make a solid base.

BOMBILLA: This is a high-quality traditional bombilla / straw / bombilla made by Bortonaggio Inox. It's 8.2 inches in length and made of stainless steel.