Amanda Tradicional

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Amanda Tradicional is an Argentine yerba mate brand founded by a Polish immigrant. This yerba mate is a bitter, dependable blend that’s a favorite of Tim Ferriss. With over 90+ years of existence, Amanda Tradicional showcases a classic definition of quality and flavor.


Amanda Tradicional is a yerba mate con palo (with stems). Generally speaking, this yerba mate has a classic Argentine cut, with about ⅔ leaves and ⅓ dust and stems. This balance of leaves, dust and stems gives this yerba mate a strong, long-lasting flavor.

Amanda Tradicional is not smoked. Instead of a smoky flavor, this yerba mate is described as having earthy and woody notes. Overall, it has a refreshing aftertaste that’s great for every day mate drinking.

The flavor of Amanda Tradicional is considered strong yet smooth. It’s got a crisp sense of bitterness, without being overwhelming. Its strength makes this yerba mate last longer as well, so your mate is less likely to become lavado (washed out) after a few refills.

Added Flavors

As the first yerba mate of this company, Amanda Tradicional has no special added flavors or ingredients. It has a classic taste with some earthy hints, making this yerba mate ideal for drinking any time of the year.

Nutritional Information

Amanda Tradicional has an energy content of 94 kcal per 100g. This is fairly high for a yerba mate, so you’re sure to get an energy boost. In addition, Amanda Tradicional is gluten-free, so celiacs and those with gluten sensitivity can confidently consume this yerba mate.

Beginner-Friendly Ranking

Because of its relatively strong taste, Amanda Tradicional may be too bitter for a beginner. However, it’s smooth, strong flavor is perfect for experienced drinkers.


Amanda Tradicional comes in 500g and 1kg yerba mate packages. You will recognize the packaging for its red color and classic design.