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Nobleza Gaucha Tradicional

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Nobleza Gaucha Tradicional is an everyday Argentine yerba mate brand made by the same producers as Cruz de Malta. This classic yerba mate, from a manufacturer with 100+ years of experience, is known for its well-balanced and straightforward flavor. Without a doubt, it’s a must-have staple yerba mate.


Nobleza Gaucha Tradicional is an all-purpose yerba mate with a mild yet pleasant taste. It’s often described as well-balanced since it’s not too strong or too mellow. 

This yerba mate has a typical Argentine cut con palo (with stems). You’ll notice that the stems in this yerba mate are cut unevenly, so there’s a lot of variety in shape and size. In addition, this variety has a slightly higher dust content than other yerba mates, making it a little weaker than others. Overall, it has a satisfying balance of stems, leaves, and dust.

The taste of Nobleza Gaucha Tradicional is considered refreshing, with woody notes. It also has hints of lemon, creating an acidic aftertaste. There’s no smoky flavor in this yerba mate. Because of its low bitterness, this yerba mate is only medium-lasting. After around 20 refills, this yerba mate will become lavado (washed out). 

Added Flavors

Nobleza Gaucha Tradicional is this brand’s classic yerba mate variety, so there are no added flavors. The only different flavor is perhaps the lemony aftertaste to this yerba mate. 

Nutritional Information

Nobleza Gaucha Tradicional doesn’t have a gluten-free label, which means it may contain traces of gluten. If you’re looking for a gluten-free option, you should opt for their other variety Nobleza Gaucha Cosecha Seleccionada. 

Beginner-Friendly Ranking

Nobleza Gaucha Tradicional is ideal for beginner yerba mate drinkers. This yerba mate has a nice flavor without the extra-strength bitterness. A safe choice for your first mate.


Nobleza Gaucha Tradicional is available in 500g and 1kg packages. Traditional variety comes in a blue bag. 

Size: 500g