With the motto, 'together we gather what's good', the CBSé aims to be the 'flavor pioneer' of yerba production. This Argentinian brand specializes in producing yerba mate with stems, which they mix with herbs and extracts to create yerba mate blends (‘yerba compuesta’ in Spanish). They produced their first blend in 1978, and they still are among the most consumed yerba mate in Argentina.
CBSé Miel
CBSé Miel Vendido
CBSé Hierbas Serranas
CBSé Hierbas Serranas Vendido
CBSé Pomelo
CBSé Pomelo Vendido
CBSé Frutos del Bosque
CBSé Frutos del Bosque Vendido
CBSé Limón
CBSé Limón de $7.99
CBSé Naranja
CBSé Naranja Vendido
CBSé Hierbas Cuyanas
CBSé Hierbas Cuyanas Vendido