Piporé Suave

Piporé Suave



‘Suave’, which stands for ‘soft’ or ‘smooth’ is Piporé’s beginners’ yerba mate, as its flavor is lighter and less bitter than the original blend. It claims to have a ‘subtle traditional flavor’ and to provide a lasting mate experience. The company attributes this characteristic to Piporé yerba mate is aged naturally, which means a longer drying period which results in a more complex flavor.

Piporé (which stands for Producers of Yerba Mate de Santo Pipó) is a cooperative that was founded almost 90 years ago by Swiss immigrants who settle in Misiones, Argentina. It is currently one of the top 10 companies selling yerba mate in the country.

Piporé Suave contains yerba mate with stems (‘yerba con palo’ in Spanish). Yerba mate has a mix of two main components: dehydrated, toasted and cut leaves; and stems, which can also be cut. The percentage of these determines the category of the yerba mate, and the limits are defined by each country. In Argentine, the Codigo Alimentario (updated in 2018) establishes that Yerba mate con palo has to have a minimum of 65% of leaves (usually around 70%) and a maximum of 35% of stems (usually around 30%).

Yerba mate con palo is generally great for beginners for its softer taste (compared with mate without stems), and ease of use. Piporé Suave, with its subtle flavor, is a particularly good choice for those stepping into mate drinking. We recommend using Piporé Suave only for drinking hot mate, and not for mate cocido or terere, as the flavor is not prominent enough to pair it with milk or juice.

Piporé Suave is gluten-free.

Yerba mate has great benefits: it helps lose weight and to reduce the ‘bad’ cholesterol, it is anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants!


500g, 1kg


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