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For Piporé, ‘Sublime’ was the star product of 2018. This blend was, according to the brand, a direct response to what their costumers were demanding: (even) better quality of yerba both in terms of taste and duration of the experience. Based on their sales, they have delivered.

Piporé, an acronym of ‘Producers of Yerba Mate de Santo Pipó’ was founded in 1930 by a group of Swiss immigrants that decided to live and work in the northeastern Argentinian province of Misiones. With almost 90 years of experience, it is one of the top 10 yerba mate producers in Argentina.

Piporé Sublime is a yerba mate with stems (called in Spanish, ‘yerba con palo’). This means, according to the Argentinian regulations (updated in 2018), that product with that denomination have a minimum of 65% of toasted and dehydrated leaves, which are finely cut, and a maximum of 35% of stems, which are also cut in small pieces.

According to the company, the premium blend that forms ‘Sublime’ has been achieved by three main components: aging, milling, and selection. Piporé yerba mate is aged naturally, which means a longer drying period which results in a more complex flavor. ‘Sublime’ has thicker leaves, which claims to provide a balanced and richer mateada. It also has a higher proportion of leaves in relation to yerba mate dust and palo (stems).

As a result, the company states that Piporé Sublime is a balanced blend with a soft, consistent flavor. Yerba mate con palo is generally great for beginners for its softer taste (compared with mate without stems), and ease of use. Piporé Sublime, with its longlasting flavor, is a great choice for those struggling with keeping a side of the yerba dry, or the bombilla in place.

Piporé Sublime is gluten-free.

Yerba mate has great benefits: it helps lose weight and to reduce the ‘bad’ cholesterol, it is anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants! For more information on its benefits, history, and useful tips, check out our blog, yerbamatero.com

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1kg, 500g

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First timer here

Really smooth and easy to drink


Legend tells that a Guarani chieftain had to flee his lands and abandon his tribe, after suffering an attack by bands from Brazil, who usurped aboriginal tribes in search of slaves.

They say that, during the exile, he managed to escape crossing a stream and that he left in his vicinity the indelible imprint of his feet and hands until arriving at the meeting of Jesuit fathers who offered him asylum, care and baptized him with the name of Santo for such a miracle.

In Guarani “PI” means foot and “PO” hands, “RE” footprints. This is how Piporé was formed, which means: Footprints and Hand of the cacique Santos. With these elements and the irregular apócope Santo (of Santos) was formed “Santo Pipó” that the popular imagination took to the category of Santo Milagroso.

Productores de Yerba Mate de Santo Pipó SCL is a cooperative of producers born in 1930 and created by a group of Swiss immigrants who settled in Santo Pipó, Misiones, Argentina.

For several years, yerba mate was processed by the Cooperative only to supply different milling companies, who packaged it and sold it with their respective brands in the market. It was not until the beginning of 1960 that Piporé brand was created,  began to be marketed in Argentina and later abroad.

Nowadays, the brand is among the 10 largest companies of yerba mate in the country and is the second exporter worldwide.

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