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Romance Sabor Suave Con Palo



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Romance Sabor Suave Con Palo is a 100+-year-old brand harvested in Misiones, Argentina. This yerba mate has the history and quality of a great producer – this time, in a suave (smooth) variety. It’s considered less bitter and more herbal than the traditional and special varieties from Romance. 


Romance Sabor Suave Con Palo has a typical Argentine cut con palo (with stems), which has a balance of large leaves and low dust content. Since it’s a suave (smooth) variety, it’s got less bitterness. This yerba mate also has a specific body that’s often described as herbal. 

According to Romance, this variety has a sweet aftertaste with hints of vanilla. Drinkers of this yerba mate also say it’s got a slightly smoky feel. This may be because this yerba mate is dried with herbs during processing, which uses both continuous and discontinuous systems. 

Overall, the flavor is complex, but not overwhelming. The Romance brand is known for its consistent yerba mate flavors and Romance Sabor Suave Con Palo is no exception.

Added Flavors

Romance Sabor Suave Con Palo has no special added flavors. However, it’s got an herbal body to it, which gives it a distinct smoothness. If you’re looking for a soft bitter taste, Romance Sabor Suave Con Palo is a go-to choice.

Nutritional Information

The package of Romance Sabor Suave Con Palo mentions that it’s gluten-free. For celiacs, this yerba mate is safe to consume. In fact, all yerba mates made by Romance are gluten-free. 

Beginner-Friendly Ranking

Romance Sabor Suave Con Palo is the best choice for yerba mate newbies. This variety is the lighter, less bitter variety, which is ideal for those still exploring yerba mate brands.


Romance Sabor Suave Con Palo is available in 500g and 1kg sizes. It comes in a green and white package with the image of a leaf and two yerba mate gourds toasting in the middle.

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Gluten Free


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