Rosamonte Traditional Plus

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Rosamonte Traditional is a classic variety with a bold and smoky taste. Founded in 1936 by Ukranian immigrants, Rosamonte has nearly a century of experience harvesting and producing yerba mate. Because of its unique drying process, this yerba mate brand has a well-bodied flavor that’s a must-try. Even Tim Ferriss drinks it!

The Plus version means it comes with aluminum packaging for better product conservation.


Rosamonte Traditional is con palo (with stems), but it departs from the typical Argentina cut. It’s considered fairly dusty, but also includes large leaves and thick stems in between. This more coarser blend with plenty of dust gives the yerba mate a bold taste. It also goes through a 12-month aging process which turns it a gray-green color. For many, Rosamonte Traditional hits the right balance of interesting and traditional. 

Added Flavors

Rosamonte Traditional is the classic variety from this brand, so you won’t find any special added flavors. However, they use a “barbacua” method, which involves drying the yerba mate over an open fire (hence the name). This unique process gives it that quintessential smoky taste. Besides this smoky aspect, there aren’t any other notable flavors.

Nutritional Information

The package of Rosamonte Traditional mentions that it’s gluten-free, so it’s safe for celiacs and gluten-sensitive folks. Other than that, Rosamonte boosts your energy, just like other yerba mates brands. 

Beginner-Friendly Ranking

Experts don’t recommend Rosamonte Traditional for yerba mate newbies. That’s because it’s a bit stronger and bolder than your traditional brand. Rosamonte is also somewhat tricky to prepare. Because of the high dust content, it’s key to prepare your yerba mate mound correctly. This variety also tends to get lavado (washed out) fairly easily.


Rosamonte Traditional comes in a red and black design with a rose front and center. It’s available in both 500g and 1-kilo packages with triple-layer packaging for extra protection. Some of their newer packages have a zipper close as well.


Country/Region of Manufacture:


1kg, 500g


Rosamonte is a popular yerba mate brand based in Apóstoles in the Misiones province of Argentina. This family-run business has beautiful grounds where they both harvest and package yerba mate. Rosamonte offers a range of products, including Traditional, Mild, Premium, Despalada (Without Stems) and Tereré. They also offer these varieties with Special Selection yerba mate. All of their yerba mate is aged for 12-24 months after undergoing open-fire drying and natural seasoning.

Rosamonte was founded in 1936 by Mr. Demetrio Hreñuk, the son of Ukrainian immigrants. Together with his wife Catalina, they started planting and harvesting yerba mate fields. Exactly thirty years later, in 1966, they took on the full yerba mate process, including grinding and marketing. In recent decades, they have expanded and diversified their activities to include tea, fish, cattle, forestry, and packing. From its humble beginnings, Rosamonte has become one of the largest yerba mate producers in Argentina.

Rosamonte stands out from other yerba mate brands in several key ways. First, their drying process is unique. They use a trademarked “barbacua” method that exposes the yerba to the heat of an open fire. This process gives Rosemonte yerba mate the interesting smoky flavor that it’s known for. In addition, their long experience in the yerba mate market makes them a reference nationally and internationally.  

Beyond its products, Rosamonte is celebrated for its innovation in processing and packaging. They were the first yerba mate company to get the Rainforest Alliance certification, which credits them for using sustainable agricultural methods and applauds their environmental commitment. In addition, their new zipper yerba mate packaging received a national prize from the Instituto Argentino del Envase. 

Today, Rosamonte is a family-style business that fits the modern needs of a global market.

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