Taragüi Sin Palo / Without Stems

Taragüi Sin Palo / Without Stems



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Taragüi Sin Palo is a variation on the traditional blend, except this time its pure leaf (i.e. no stems). Taragüi Sin Palo comes from the yerba mate giant Las Marías, which also produces Union, La Merced, and Mañanita. The name Taragüi in Guarani means “Corrientes,” which is where this Argentine brand produces its yerba mate.

Taragüi Sin Palo is 100% pure leaf, which means that the taste is more intense than a classic Argentine cut.


You’ll notice right away that Taragüi Sin Palo has no stems, so you can expect finely ground leaves and some dust. Taragüi Sin Palo still has a choppier blend than typical Uruguayan yerba mate brands. In fact, Taragüi Sin Palo is a good midpoint between a typical Argentine cut (stem-heavy) and Uruguayan cut (leaf-heavy).

The flavor of Taragüi Sin Palo has been described as earthy, strong and smooth. It’s sure to jolt you awake since, without the stems, this yerba mate has more intense absorption. Drinkers of this yerba mate also mention that the energy effects are sky-high, so it’s a great pick-me-up for the early morning or afternoon.

In addition, Taragüi Sin Palo lasts longer than your average yerba mate. It’s important to prepare Taragüi Sin Palo with a high-quality bombilla (metal straw) because otherwise, the small leaves will clog it. You should also prepare the gourd carefully, making sure to use near-boiling water and letting the first yerba mate steep for a few minutes before drinking. This way, your montañita (little mound) of yerba mate will stay intact.

Added Flavors

Taragüi Sin Palo is the classic variety, just without stems. This means you’ll find the same traditional flavors, just expressed in a more intense and long-lasting way.

Nutritional Information

Taragüi Sin Palo is stronger than other yerba mates, so you might find the caffeine absorption to be above average. In addition, the package of Taragüi Sin Palo doesn’t say whether it’s gluten-free, so celiacs should be cautious.

Beginner-Friendly Ranking

Taragüi Sin Palo is a great introduction to leaf-heavy yerba mates (found in many Uruguayan brands). However, it may be a little intense for newbies. Beginners also need to be careful about the preparation, so that the montañita (little mound) doesn’t fall apart.


Taragüi Sin Palo comes in an all-blue package, available in both 1kg and 500g sizes. Bonus: the province pictured on the front of the package is Corrientes, where Taragüi harvests its yerba mate!

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1kg, 500g


 Since 1924, Taragüi has been a leading yerba mate producer in Argentina.

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