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Union Suave Traditional



Union Suave Traditional is made by Las Marias, the largest yerba mate producer in the world. They also created its sister brand Taragüi, as well as La Merced and Mañanita. While this brand maintains that same traditional taste, Union Suave Traditional is a smoother variety that’s an A+ for yerba mate newbies. 


Union Suave Traditional has a well-rounded flavor that’s easy on the palate. It has a classic Argentine cut con palo (with stems). The balance of stems, leaves, and dust for this brand is unique. It has large stems, but also a good amount of dust. This makes this yerba mate not too strong, but also flavorful.

Drinkers of Union Suave Traditional often describe it as having a woody and lemony notes. These lemon hints come out best after a few refills of your yerba mate – i.e. when it’s semi-lavado (somewhat washed out). The name of this yerba mate even includes the word suave, meaning smooth.  

For those who are looking for soft bitterness that’s good for drinking any hour of the day, Union Suave Traditional is a perfect choice. It’s also a nice break from stronger yerba mates out there, so it’s a good idea to keep a package stocked in your pantry.

Added Flavors

As the classic variety, Union Suave Traditional doesn’t have any special added flavors. The only unique effect is its “smoothness.” It also has a slight lemon aftertaste, but otherwise, the flavor is standard.

Nutritional Information

The package of Union Suave Traditional mentions that it’s gluten-free. It’s a great option for celiacs and those with gluten-sensitivity. 

Beginner-Friendly Ranking

Union Suave Traditional is excellent for beginners, as it has great flavor but isn’t too strong. Beginners will find it accessible – and delicious – as a first yerba mate.


Union Suave Traditional is found in 500g and 1kg packages. You’ll recognize the package for its white design and red letters.


500g, 1kg


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