Yerba Mate Silicone - Capped Bombilla

Yerba Mate Silicone – Capped Bombilla

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Color Matching Silicone Cap

The removable, food-grade silicone cap protects your lips from burning on the hot, steel bombilla. Allowing you to have a more enjoyable time while sipping on your mate and preventing any burns on your lips.

Spoon Filter Head

Designed for yerba mate, this spoon bombilla, with 1mm holes, will filter leaves, stems, and dust particles for a delicious and smooth sip.

Colorful Bead

Contains a beautifully, round bead that matches the silicone cap for an eye-catching, elegant appearance. It also acts as a convenient handle that prevents your fingers from burning when touching the straw.

Durable and Reliable

It’s made with strong 304 stainless steel. This drinking straw will last, and give you a pleasant drinking experience every time.

Cleans Easy

The head is easily removable thus allowing you to clean the inside of both your straw and filter. The silicone cap can be quickly washed by rinsing it under warm water.

Cleverly designed to match the bead of the straw for an elegant appearance, this cap fits firmly over the mouthpiece of the bombilla. Being 100% heat-resistant to hot temperatures, your lips will never come into contact with the burning hot steel again.

Dimensions7.0 × 11.0 × 1.0 in

Sky Blue, Rose Red, Marbled Yellow, Cloud Grey


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