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Who We Are


Our mission is to introduce yerba mate to the world through quality products. We strive to only stock ethically sourced and sustainable products. Buying from Matero should give you the confidence you’re contributing to a better world.

Yerba mate is more than the drink. For generations it’s been an important part of tradition, culture, and communication in South America. It brings people together. Through education and providing the best products, we’ll share and pass on these traditions.


At Matero, we’re about getting people together and to enjoy each other’s company with a drink of yerba mate. We believe that what we do weaves a fabric of positive relationships and experiences that begins with our products and stretches into the world.

We offer fresh, ethically sourced, and sustainable products to our customers, as well as an education on mate’s origins and culture.


Uphold high ethical and professional standards, along with openness and transparency.

Honor the dignity, inclusion, and diversity of others.

Provide the best in everything yerba mate.

Value customer experience and service.

We're a Family Run Business

Many of us were raised drinking yerba mate in Argentina and would later bring the tradition to the United States as family moved. We continued the tradition in the United States and shared with others.

The team includes Bill, Michael, Luisa, and others in the family.

The tradition and drink is alive in well in South America and is picking up in popularity around the world. Many have heard about yerba mate but often people are afraid to try it, don’t know how to prepare it, or don’t have the tools to make it. Yerba mate does not have the same market saturation as coffee or regular tea. We hope to change that with Matero.

We're based in Deltona, Florida.