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A Fond Farewell from Matero and Our Final Yerba Mate Sale

Dear Mate Family,

It is with a heavy heart and a sense of gratitude that we write this letter. As many of you know, the Matero journey began five years ago with a simple, but powerful, love for Yerba Mate. We set out to create not just a business, but a community of mate enthusiasts that shared our passion for this time-honored tradition. You were the heart of this vision, and you turned our dreams into reality.

However, the winds of change have started to blow in a new direction for us. It is with a touch of sorrow, yet also with deep gratitude, that we announce the closing of Matero.

The decision was not easy, but we are comforted by the memories of what we've built together: the connections made, the traditions shared, and the joy of countless cups of mate that we've poured together. Your loyalty and support have been the greatest gifts we could have asked for, and we are eternally grateful.

As our way of saying goodbye and thank you, we're holding a closing out sale starting tomorrow. Every last bag, gourd, bombilla, and accessory we have in our inventory will be up for grabs at deeply discounted prices. This is our way of giving you a chance to stock up on your favorite Matero products, and to have a piece of our shared history in your homes.

Please note that due to the substantial reductions, we are no longer able to offer free shipping. We hope you understand and appreciate this decision.

As we close this chapter, we remember the words often spoken in our community: "Mate is not a drink, but a way of life." We have lived this mantra fully in the past five years, and we hope that as you sip your mate in the future, you will remember the warmth and the love that Matero stood for.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. You are more than customers to us - you are our mate family, our comunidad. We will miss serving you, and hope that our paths may cross again in the future. Until then, may every sip of mate you take carry the spirit of Matero with it.

With warm regards and heartfelt thanks,

The Matero Family