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Large Decorative Brazilian Cuia

Stanley Classic Mate Straw
Trinidad Leonard

Love it, never thought the experience of having a good Mate straw will make such a big difference!

Perfect product as expected

The Paraguayan Guampa Cup Set just looks as perfect as expected. It's precious that such products can be ordered online and delivered across the ocean.

Donnie Quinn
Nice flavor

Very fine, so some bombillas may clog, but using a press or bombilla for chimarrao and maintaining a good mountain will help

Yuyo Pure Organic Yerba Mate
Mary Shipley Allinson
I thought it would have the same amount of caffeine as coffee but I did not experience that to be...

I thought it would have the same amount of caffeine as coffee but I did not experience that to be true. Not crazy about the flavor either. I love Guatri Yerba Mate But I have to make it really strong and that seems to bother my system. Was hoping this one would be stronger and more caffeinated

The Best

I bought and am using one of the Meta Mate Large Straw with Decorative Green Stone being sold by Matero and am very pleased with it's pricing and prompt service i received along with the fast delivery (all the way from Florida to Hawaii); i placed the order on Thursday and received the straw / bomba on Monday before noon! i am grateful to have and be using what i consider to be the absolute best straw / bomba available.
Unique tip / advice for deep-cleaning these type of straws / bombas : clamp it down using two clamps on top of a picnic table outside and use a pressure washer (using the 15-degree spray tip) directing it's water flow thru the straw's tip so that water will be coming out the straw's filter end. Once the sprayer's tip that is emitting water is moved in closer and closer and pressed on touching the tip of the straw pressed against the hole, all the spraying water will flow thru the straw and stream out the straw's filter like a mini water sprinkler.

Canarias Tradicional
Silvia Quiroga

Very good service

Canarias Tradicional
Rosella Venafro

Canarias Tradicional

Meta Mate Raw
Valentino Petrusich
very light and invigorating

i really like the freshness of this mate!


Excellent item
Easy to clean

BioMate Evra Mate Chimarrão
Jessica Gutierrez
My friend from Brazil said it was delicious!

Delicious and authentic!

Best Maté in the world

This is the top best mate I've ever had! The only other one this good is Meta Maté's Moonshine Mate Moída Grosa

Fantastic straw

Really great straw! The large straw is 9 inches - perfect for a tall glass

Canarias Serena
Jovita Ramos

My first time drink this I absolutely love it

Lived up to my expectations

I’m an American and had the chance to live in Brazil for 2 years as a service missionary and I drank Chimarrão and tereré daily and still do to this day(my wife gets annoyed with my pantry of just mate lol)

It was to the point where I was so good at making it that the Brazilians would have me make it for them and teach them how to make it better without clogging the bomba.

Since being in the states it’s hard to get the brands that I like so I always order different brands of Chimarrão from different sites to see if I can find one to stick with and this mate was amazing!

Tasted just the way I had hoped. Very clean and fresh grassy flavor with just the right amount of bitterness to make you want more.
Also VERY dark GREEN!

I will be a forever returning customer for this particular Chimarrão.

To the MATERO team….please find this in moída grossa! It would make for the perfect mixture. I’ll even special order.

Rosamonte Traditional
Valentino Petrusich
My favorite!

This is the best mate in my opinion

Valentino Petrusich
Not my favorite

Pure dust


Love it so smoky

Smoky flavor

Has a good smokiness. Seems like I get more out of each cup too, I can use a 3rd thernos of hot water on it before it's done.

Sleek Innovative Straw

I absolutely love it, it's excellent, easy to clean, dishwasher friendly and looks very nice. I am Mexican, and I feel that I am there with you in Los Andes! Thank you, I will acquire more soon.

Awesome smokiness!

A delicious smoky erva! Probably the best one that you can (sometimes) get in the US. Would definitely get it more often, if it were more available.

La Tranquera Tradicional
Margaret Closson

Tranquera yerba is the best! Thank you for carrying it.

Matero Hoodies
Michael Tieso
The Perfect Hoodie

A bit biased perhaps but I think the hoodie is amazing ;)

awesome quality

A bit on the expensive side compared to others but well worth it

First time

This is the first time I've tried yerba mate. This kit was easy to understand and came with a flyer that helped with instructions for how to cure and prepare. I liked it!