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Medium Gourd Kit

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Medium Gourd Kit

Gourd -The medium size gourd works for all mate drinkers. It's made of traditional porongo sourced on the best forests in the south of Brazil.  Built-in stand. Every gourd is unique and hand-made.

Straw - High-quality stainless steel straw with branded Matero logo, fits perfectly in the gourd.  The bombilla is 7.5 inches in height.

Mate - This fresh and green leafy mate will positively energize your day due to its unique combination of theobromine and caffeine.

To prepare, steep two tbs of Meta Mate 23 in 1 liter of hot water for 5-10 minutes. Alternatively, enjoy traditionally with a gourd or as a chilled terere.

Unlike many other mates that are store for a year, this green, leafy Meta Mate is packed shortly after harvesting to preserve its antioxidant, mineral, and vitamin context.