Rosamonte Especial

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Rosamonte Especial - their special selection variety - is an excellent choice for yerba mate enthusiasts who like a bold yet balanced flavor. Rosamonte is a star name in Argentine yerba mate production with 80+ years of experience. This family-run business was launched in 1936 by Ukranian immigrants and has since gotten a reputation for well-bodied “barbacua” flavor.


Like Rosamonte Traditional, Rosamonte Especial is con palo (with stems). It has the same proportion of dust, leaves and stems as the Traditional variety, which is considered a coarse blend with high dust content. The big difference is that Especial yerba mate undergoes a 24-month aging process (instead of 12 months), which softens the boldness for a calmer but still flavorful experience. Since it’s not as smoky as the 12-month variety, Rosamonte Especial is the ideal younger brother for yerba mate drinkers who want to take it down a notch.

Added Flavors

Rosamonte Especial doesn’t have any special added flavors. Their unique drying process, which they call the “barbacua” method, does give their yerba mate a smoky body. However, with the Especial variety, this smoky taste is more subtle and only really noticeable in the aftertaste. Besides the “barbacua” factor, Rosamonte Especial has no significant flavor differences.

Nutritional Information

Rosamonte Especial - like all their yerba mates - is gluten-free, so it’s ok for celiacs and those who are gluten-sensitive.

Beginner-Friendly Ranking

While Rosamonte Traditional isn’t a go-to for yerba mate newbies, Rosamonte Especial is a more suitable choice. That’s because Especial is aged longer and has softer bitterness and more subtle flavor. For those beginners who want notable flavor without the strength, Especial is the way to go. It’s also easier to prepare than Rosamonte Especial, which is prone to getting lavado (washed out).


One of the highlights of Rosamonte Especial is its lovely, glossy packing. It’s got a shiny seal, which makes it stand out on the shelf. The design is identical to Rosamonte Traditional, with a red and black background and a pink rose smack in the middle. They offer the typical sizes of 500g and 1-kilo that are reinforced with triple-layer packaging. Rosamonte has also been recognized for its new zipper close packages as well.