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Taragüi Tradicional

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Taragüi Tradicional is an uber-popular yerba mate brand in Argentina, produced by Las Marías. Las Marías also manufactures big-name yerba mate brands Union, La Merced and Mañanita.

In Guarani, Taragüi means "Corrientes," which is the Argentine province where Taragüi produces its yerba mate. (This province is pictured on the front of the package!) This brand has a reputation for a unique cut and simple flavor, which never fails to delight.


Taragüi is one of those go-to yerba mates when you need an extra energy boost to start your day. It's a utilitarian yerba mate that has a straightforward yet pleasant flavor. More than anything, it's a sure-thing yerba mate that will perk you up.

The cut of Taragüi is somewhat unusual. While it's con palo (with stems), the stems are few and far between. The leaves are also well-ground, though there's little powder. This combination gives Taragüi a one-of-a-kind impact.

Added Flavors

As the classic variety, Taragüi Tradicional doesn't have any added flavors. In fact, the flavors of Taragüi are simple and genuine, making it a must-have staple for your pantry.

Nutritional Information

Taragüi Tradicional has 55 mg of caffeine per mate, which is fairly normal for yerba mate. The packaging doesn't mention that it's gluten-free, so tread carefully if you're celiac.

Beginner-Friendly Ranking

Taragüi Tradicional is a great yerba mate for mate newbies. This brand appeals to a wide range of yerba mate drinkers, which means it's a good starting point. It isn't too strong and the flavor is balanced.

Depending on your tastes, Taragüi Tradicional may be the go-to yerba mate you're looking for. If you want more complex flavors, you can try other yerba mates from Taragüi that pack a little more for the punch.


Taragüi Tradicional comes in a red, white and blue package. You'll see the Corrientes province shown in blue, front and center. It's available in 500g and 1kg packages.

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