Meta BarsOn the go snack bars with Meta Mate Raw yerba mate.
Yerba Mate Crepes with Baked ApplesThese crepes will bring a sweet, earthy flavor to your morning. You’ll love the subtle combination of fall-inspired spices with sweet apples and hearty yerba mate.
EmpanadasUsing beef and a flour-based dough, this Argentinian-style empanada is a popular favorite, though you can swap the meat for any other filling you’d like.
Yerba Mate Strawberry SorbetWe enjoy the mix between the bitterness and earthy undertones of the yerba mate and the natural sweetness of the strawberries. It is a very particular taste, but it is definitely worth a try!
Yerba Mate Ice CreamThis recipe is originally from Locosxelmate and we have translated it, tried it and adapted it. This yerba mate ice cream has a creamy consistency, a light green color, and a sweet yerba taste.

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